Many factors go into recording and producing great sound. From casting the right voices, finding the perfect music companion to the choice of sound effects and sound design. And then of course blending them together in perfect harmony. None of these factors are overlooked in my work. Here are some ways I can help your clients sound great...
Sound Design
Crafting bespoke sound effects and musical elements to better explore the heart of your communication is something that drives the emotion of any production. Whether its dramatic, fast-paced action or breathtaking scenic beauty, sound design takes a sound track well above the ordinary.

International Localisation 
Adapting your International commercials for Australia & New Zealand is one of my many services. From casting, Voice direction and Final mixing of overseas TV commercials, I make sure it's right for our market.

Online content and Website Videos 
There's nothing like telling a good story and delivering an enriched experience. Online video doesn't have the same time restrictions as television, or the expensive media costs. So you can use composed music and sound design to really let the story be told.

Sound Design for public infrastructure 
The new OPAL smart card for Sydney has been successfully rolled out over all modes of public transport. From measuring Sound levels on Sydney buses to creating nearly fifty Sound alerts options for Transport NSW, I'm sure you're very used to the sounds by now!

Channel launch and Re-branding 
I have worked with every one of Australia's television networks and many pay TV channels, including Nickelodeon, ESPN, Disney, National Geographic and UKTV, to do sound design for their Station Idents, Promos and re-branding and Launching new shows.

Corporate Soundtracks
Delegates at a conference on Cockatoo Island, in Sydney harbour, were asked to lie on yoga mats, blindfolded, as this soundtrack was played to them. It's 20 minutes long, and if you've got some headphones handy, close you eyes and slip back in time.

Record from any major City in the World 
Using 'Source Connect' I have hundreds of partner-Studios around the world. Need to record in Los Angeles, London, Singapore, or any other city? The recording quality is fantastic! Your Talent will sound like they're in the room with you! 

About Me

The Story so far...

I was fortunate enough to get my career started at a small studio in Brisbane called Sound Australia, under the late, great Peter Ferrier.

Lured to the bright lights of Sydney, I started working at Stellar Sound Studios where I went from runner/studio assistant to managing director. I worked at Stellar for 22 years before going over to GASinc (Sydney) for 4 years and then starting my own production company, aptly named 'Buzz Pringle'.

I've won many, many national and international awards, been honoured to sit on quite a few award juries and worked with some of Australia's top creative people, many of whom I call friends.

And where to now? Well I still love walking into the studio every day, wondering what I'll get to share with the world!


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